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About me

I am currently in my 1st year at the University of Georgia with a intended double major in Finance and Economics. I am eager to find ways to increase my knowledge of the finance field through certain unique experiences.


Aditya Gunna

Undergraduate Student at the University of Georgia




18 years old


Alpharetta, Georgia


Digital Media Director

Integras Partners

During High School, I began working for Integras Partners to advertise and communicate through social media and their website. Through this experience I have learned about strategies used by professional businesses. By applying specific techniques through social media, I have been able to increase overall website traffic.


Director of Technocademy Alpharetta


From early 2017 to present day, I serve as the Director of Technocademy Alpharetta. In this role I set up events, communicate with directors of senior citizen homes, and advertise events to volunteers. Through this role I have understood the business of a non-profit and the pieces that result in a successful nonprofit. With always having so many things on my hand, this role has taught me better time-management and organization skills.


Branding Manager


Eagle Scout

Alpharetta High School Newspaper

A big part of a high school newspaper is advertising. My goal as Branding Manager of The Hook is to expose the entire student body of my high school to the newspaper. As Branding Manager, I am responsible for maintaining social media accounts, acquiring ads from local businesses, and updating The Hook's website. This role has taught me about the importance of marketing in a student run business/organization. In addition to Branding Manager, I am also a Staff Writer who writes articles regarding current events in the community and the world. Some of my writing from last year can be viewed through this link.

Boy Scouts

Over the past couple years I have served various leadership positions in Troop 69. My first years as a Boy Scout, I served as a Patrol Leader. I then served as the troop Historian, and for the most recent term I served as the troop Webmaster. These roles taught me how to be a better member of society and also helped me improve upon my teamwork skills. In addition to serving as a leader in my troop, I earned my Eagle Scout Rank.



Integras Partners

When I realized I had interest in finance and economics, I was sought out to intern at a local finance firm. This was one of the best decisions in my professional career. This experience exposed me to the financial world. I learned a lot about stocks, investment planning, and economical strategies.


Volunteer Coordinator


After volunteering at events for Technocademy, I was given the opportunity to serve as the volunteer coordinator. My tasks as volunteer coordinator was to communicate with volunteers, advertise for Technocademy, and to create weekly articles for their website. This role taught me how to communicate with my peers on a professional level. I also obtained a lot of exposure in the non-profit field.


High School Student

Alpharetta High School

I graduated High School, with honors, in May of 2018. My average cumulative numerical average was 91%. I graduated with 11 AP classes and 5 Georgia State dual enrollment classes.


Undergraduate Student

University of Georgia

I started my journey at UGA in the fall of 2018 with plans to double major in Finance and Economics.

Community Service


Volunteering with Technocademy has been a truly incredible experience. It is amazing to see the faces of senior citizens light up after teaching them how to Facetime their grandchildren or text their friends. I have a total of 200 service hours logged on to GivingPoint as of November 2017 for my volunteer service with this non-profit. Also by serving as the Director of Technocadmey Alpharetta, I have been able to make some effective changes and adjustments that have had a huge impact in my community.

Boy Scouts 

One of the most important phrase in the Scout Oath is "to help other people at all times". Over the past 6 years, I have been motivated to do just that. One of my most successful project was my Eagle Project, where I built a wooden information kiosk to help my community navigate through the trail while being safe. Some of my other favorite service events include: cleaning up the local trails, cooking fresh cobblers at old age homes, and teaching safety and first aid to younger Cub Scouts.


Microsoft Office - Advanced

Sports Journalism - Proficient

Social Media Marketing - Advanced

Creative Cloud and CS4 - Advanced

Public Speaking - Advanced

Spanish - Proficient

Major Accomplishments

Eagle Scout

The Eagle Scout rank is the highest rank in Boy Scouts. To get this rank, over the past 6 years I have earned 20+ merit badges, and served in various leadership positions within the troop. Finally for my Eagle Project, I built a wooden informational kiosk on the Greenway. This kiosk was built to hold information regarding the trail such as maps and safety information.

YSA Global Youth Council

Through my volunteer work with Technocademy, I had the opportunity to apply and earn a spot on the YSA Global Youth Council. The Global Youth Council is made up of students all around the world who are eager to improve their community and world through unique ideas.

Future Business Leaders of America

Through FBLA, I have earned multiple awards and have been recognized at the Region and State levels and have competed at the National level. I have placed in the top 10 at the region and  state level every single year for competitive events. I also earned the Future level of the business achievement awards.

National English Honor Society

English has always been one of my favorite subjects. I enjoy reading, and have a unique perspective on some texts. I often tutor peers with essay writing and literature analysis. NEHS has provided me with multiple opportunities to volunteer at libraries, tutor peers, and participate in poem cafes.